Sorry not really big on talking about myself. So here’s the quick and dirty of it.

 Over the past three decades I’ve been blessed to have two fantastic Pastors to lead and direct me. Links to their churches below. 

 I’ve been a home group leader, pastor, adult Sunday school teacher, and janitor. Probably best at the janitor. 

I earned a degree in church ministry while working full-time and helping raise and homeschool two boys. 

I’ve been a hairstylist, newspaper publisher and writer, and for the past 15-years have been a corrections officer and corrections supervisor. 

My wife and I have anywhere from 4 to 10 kids at any given time as we have 4 of our own at home and currently on three fosters. To say we thrive in chaos would be an understatement. 

 Writing this blog has been on my heart for quite some time and I finally bit the bullet. 

Feel free to reach out to ask anything. 

May the Lord bless you and your family. 

John Roche

Manhattan Ks Vineyard Community Church

Wamego Family Worship Center