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This week I am reviewing the latest product from John Annavi Oroliri,n UPLOAD2PROFIT


John hales from Ibadan, Nigeria and after struggling to make for years to make an income online finally found a way that actually works for him. According to John UPLOAD2PROFIT was written so we could “skip the extra wasteful miles” he had to go.

What John has created here is a very thorough roadmap of the exact steps he has used to start making a successful day to day income using a growing social media platform.

Among the claims made in the Upload2Profit sales page is this;

To say the least I was skeptical, however after reading his report and actually following his instructions I realized he was right. You can actually make money with the Upload2Profit method without the need for marketing, selling, traffic, SEO, Facebook ads, or any of the USUAL SUSPECTS! John’s system is a stand alone, make money only social media system.

John Annavi Olorire
John Annavi Olorire

John’s writing is very much down to earth and you will likely find phrasings that do not flow like many of the current highly polished writers you might be used to. However John more than makes up for that with his extensive step by step instructions. The screen captures John includes are all there for a reason and not to hype up his system or how great of marketer he is. While there are screen captures of earned income they are to serve a point only and if you don’t look you’ll miss them.

I decided while reading Upload2Profit that I would actually apply what John is teaching and by the time I had my new account set up and had posted my first article, one that I had written a couple years ago for my blog johnsebooks.com, I already had three followers and multiple clicks. Needless to say I was stoked to actually apply the rest of John’s instructions.

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As I have mentioned John does a very good job of walking you through the steps required to set up an account. He gives you things to avoid as well as little details that can make a big difference down the road.

Upload2Profit has included many useful screen captures and publishing options.

I should note John does a good job of explaining how to create the most usable and profitable posts, videos, and articles and even throws in a section on “Eye Catching Tricks” to boost viewership.

Unfortunately John doesn’t really get into details about how much income could potential this social media platform can generate, however he has included a screen capture of some of his earnings which were of $1000. Not chump change when you talking about uploading articles, videos, and gifs.



  • Very thorough step by step instructions.
  • good pointers and tips
  • Notes things to avoid.
  • Includes things to do to make good posts.
  • Straight forward and no fluff.


  • No real income potential indicated.
  • Some of John’s wording is difficult to follow.
  • No clear explanation of potential secondary market uses. (affiliate, email, etc)
The bottom line:

I am not sure if this platform could be used to expand your existing affiliate marketing base in the same way as Facebook or Pinterest or even Instagram, however there does seem to be a good income potential at this time.

You can actually use this system to make online income without a website, email list, marketing campaign, etc.

Personally I’d never heard of this social media platform before reading Upload2Profit but plan to investigate it’s income potential very thoroughly thanks to John’s Upload2Profit.

If you’d like to purchase a copy for yourself here is a link UPLOAD2PROFIT

if you use my link to purchases your copy email me a copy of the warrior+ receipt and I will email you TWO BONUS eBooks!

May the Lord bless you and your house hold.