TRAINING, the most important part of Internet Sales

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I was recently asked what the best product to sell online is…

My instant impulse was to say the classic “evergreen” products of course, but then I started to think about a few of the items that have sold the best for me and I realized they were anything BUT evergreen.

Listen here is a simple reality that once you wrap your head around will make internet/affiliate/email marketing SO MUCH EASIER!


WHAT???? Of course it does. No, no it really doesn’t. If you understand people, understand how to package, how to talk with people and how to convey benefits YOU CAN SELL ANYTHING!

 TRAINING is everything in marketing. Learn how to copywrite, how to craft an email campaign, layout a squeeze page, link a funnel, or do a video review and apply what you learned to ANY PRODUCT and it will sell.

There is a market for ANYTHING you can imagine to sell. From PDF copies of lined paper (really and it sells) to WordPress plugins and ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN!

Purchase training, heck SELL TRAINING, even better Purchase products that include great training and then SELL THAT SAME PRODUCT. You are your own testimonial. “Look, here what I learned from this product and what it’s now doing for me”….

That’s why I would rather sell products that include education, make your clients smarter and they will appreciate your help. They will return.

Here are a couple of my absolute favorite training programs if you’re interested.

Enviralizer: AMAZING TRAINING in social media marketing and they show you how easy it is to make a GOOD income while sharing that training.

CB Passive Income: Clickbank is an amazing product source but amazingly very few people know how to leverage Clickbank for affiliate marketing. CB Passive Income walks you through marketing one step at a time so you can create your own stable business while Patric Chan actually sells products for you. Ya’ it’s a pretty good leg up for you.


May the Lord bless you and your house hold.