The Affiliate Marketing Training Spiral

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One of the biggest issues I have with Affiliate Marketing is the number of people who get wrapped up in selling nothing but Lessons.

  • Facebook Lessons
  • Instagram Lessons
  • Pinterest  Lesssons
  • Q/A Lessons
  • etc, etc, etc….

Don’t get me wrong there are some amazing lesson packages out there of which I have a couple personal favorites that teach and teach well.

What is missing is not the training its WHAT TO SELL with the training. What ends up happening with most affiliate marketer is they become collectors of training programs. They enter what I call the AFFILIATE MARKETERS TRAINING DEATH SPIRAL! Seriously it’s easy to get so wrapped up in training methods that you lose site of what you’re started the training for!! To MAKE AN IN INCOME!!!! 

The real question you need ask is “What  am I going to do with all this training”? and “What am is this this training all about”? Is it about learning or is it about INTERNET MARKETING!!!????

Ok, the right answer for me is BOTH!

If I find a training program that works like Enviralizer or Commission Castaway I am by-golly gonna share that with you. Why? Because it sucks to struggle and if I can help you go around the issues I have gone through, well then I can sleep well at night.

Now I didn’t get into Internet Marketing to sell Lessons Packages about Internet  Marketing. I got into it to actually sell products that

  1. People can use to solve problems they are having.
    • List building
    • Blog writing
    • Losing Weight
    • Getting in shape
  2. To try and get out of the ‘brick and mortar’ workforce.

The reason most people get into Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing is to MAKE MONEY!!! Yes lets be serious making an income online is probably the number one goal of most people who start playing with Internet Marketing. No Flash There!

But you get started and find out that it just isn’t as easy as you’d hoped so like any intelligent person you seek out online help in the form of training programs and surprisingly many of those are actually teaching you how to, well sell that training program…and before you know it you’re affiliate marketing a whole bunch of training programs and making BUPKIS, ZIP, NOTH’N! But by golly you have every training system known to man.

Ya’ I was there, I have file on my computer called “junk I bought that’s just like other junk I bought“….Seriously, I learned the hard way that there are guys out there who buy training programs and then rewrite them in their own words the sell it like its a totally new system?

Ok, enough rant, so as I stated earlier you really need to sell something that is not training, some items that are all about “now that you have the training here is something that sells and makes you an income”. My “go to” was a TOTAL SURPRISE when I was introduced to it. Really, I thought for sure I was getting taken to the cleaners but I was desperate for something that would sell. Not only was it not a con but it has been a consistent producer, why because in the end it never the buy gets EXACTLY what they want! Seriously, I looked at Amazon and they are great but I went with are you ready, WALMART I know right?? Walmart has an affiliate program? They sure do. Walmart will pay you a commission when someone purchase a product from them that you are posting…..Go FIGURE!!!

There are thousands of companies out there that sell hard products and will WILLINGLY PAY YOU to sell their products.Here are just three that I have seen success with Amazon Associates , Commission JunctionWalmart.  If you have a mail order company that you purchase from regularly check and see, most likely they have and affiliate program in place. USE IT!!!!

So listen, get the training, learn the materiel AND THEN FIND SOMETHING TO APPLY IT TO!!! Whether it’s Physical Products or Digital Product just start applying whatever teaching you have had and YOU WILL LEARN!!!

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May the Lord bless you and your house hold.