Affiliate Marketing in Three Steps!

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Being human we have a tendency to make what is simple, complicated. Something that should be easy to do we add extra steps to just to complicate the heck out of it. The steps aren’t really needed but it makes us feel like we have some great deep understanding that everyone else is missing when we add them.

Within the Government people who add steps in this fashion are typically called ‘bureaucrats’. They generate more work than is actually needed in order to complete a task.

I have created an Infograph that breaks down the entire Affiliate Marketing process into 3-Steps. Yes, I said 3-Steps!!

I hate it when something simple is made complicated. It frustrates the heck out of anyone who wants to try it. I tends to make people spend hard earned money that they don’t have to spend. Eventually it makes people WHO COULD have been greatly successful want to give up.


If your just thinking about starting Affiliate Marketing or if you are frustrated with the process and have gotten lost in the minutia then this Infograph may just be what you need.

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